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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News  ABC  March 9, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EST

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around here. when state lawmakers move the state primary up to march it was to give voters a bigger say in their party's presidential nomination process. candidates are converging here, getting excited. governor mccrory is not weighing in on presidential politics. over the next seven days it is a spring to win the primary. ted cruz swinging through with a town hall. >> i take an oath to you. that is who is working for whom. joel: and donald trump coming in tomorrow. a loud protest outside of the campaign offices. >> our governor, pat mccrory. reporter: he's refusing to take
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the nomination. >> i want to be a resin of wake county another four years. joel: focusing his address on his own reelection. he will support whoever the nominee is but the democratic party is trying to tie him to donald trump. >> donald trump says some wild things but he is a good businessman. >> governor mccrory not taking the bait after a speech. >> this is why i am governor. not to live in this beautiful house. i came here to make a difference for the next generation. joel: with our allies on the primary, donald trump arrives for that rally tomorrow. then hillary clinton is doing
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first a rally in durham then she comes to raleigh for another event. we are live at the state fairgrounds tonight. tisha: a lot going on. abc 11 is your election headquarters. follow the candidates through our mobile app or on abc we are streaming your visits to the triangle and keeping track of who is on track for the white house. there is important information to make sure your vote counts. steve: one person suffered burns and smoke inhalation. chopper 11 over the scene off hillsboro seat -- street. the fire was in the back of the
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tisha: police have not release all the details of what happened or the descriptions of the robbers just yet. watch for the latest on the mobile app. an update in the multimillion dollar gold heist on i-95. the whole thing denied bond this afternoon. he was ordered to stay in jail until his trial link to the robbery of $5 million in gold bars. he used a gps devise to track the big greg before releasing pepper spray into the cap. steve: i man shot with a taser's debt night. when the chase ended in johnston county alex thompson lost control and crashed and ran toward the officers.
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he was hit with a taser. he suffered a medical problem and was in critical condition for days. a cause of death is under investigation. tisha: tonight they are being heard. residents believe their water may not be safe and are getting charged a lot of money for it. officials say they will start addressing concerns after the i-team started asking questions. we reported on the high rates of cancer and how it might be connected to the water wallaby. angelica alvarez has how homeowners fought and won. reporter: the state senator addressed the report. he was of the townhome -- townhall meeting. that part is coming from the top. locally though, the water and sewage authority promised people they will do whatever it takes
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>> we will stay diligent on this until we reach a level we can satisfy as many people as possible. >> that is the promise made to -- tonight to those complaining of poor water quality. he shared concerns. they scrubbed faucets and drains of black gunk. >> when you were afraid to take a shallower -- a shower with all the stuff coming at you. reporter: he promised change but it will come at a cost. it is $50 million in debt. >> because of the rules and what we had to do to treat our waste treatment going into the lake and the acquisition of the system that came in as a part of
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reporter: that is what he wants to address. >> they need to be made partially whole from that expense. reporter: chris: which is good news for residents. next up for this, they will look into solutions and have an update on april 12, their next meeting. steve: answers are finally coming for those residents. thank you. excitement is building for some of our military families at fort bragg. from iraq. the transfer of authority half in today in baghdad. 160 paratroopers are on their iraq. tomorrow. the commanders bring back unit those units.
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in a touching moment in a chick-fil-a that surprised a young customer and moved her mom so much she shared her appreciation on social media. cynthia walker is hearing impaired. she was able to order a meal for the first time using sign language. she was surprised and overjoyed when she realized a young cashier new and used sign language. c&d's mother said it was the first on her daughter could order without feeling uncomfortable. for since the was a moment of happiness. >> that meant a lot. if you notice in the video she looked at me like is this working? so she enjoyed doing that. she's looking forward to going back. >> the cashier is a high school senior. the restaurant manager did not know she could sign. she has relatives who are hearing impaired.
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what will happen afterwards, coming up next. this plane falls 2000 feet out of the sky. how he was able to save two babies inside that burning car. let's take a live look outside. a beautiful evening. chris: asking you shall receive printed butchers in the 50's after a gorgeous day. we will fall through the 50's. more nice weather tomorrow. how long can this go on? steve: now a look at the mega
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anchor: breaking news enter him. a double shooting on maplewood drive. we are working to learn what led to the shooting and how serious the injuries are. you can watch for the latest on eyewitness news. anchor: history is coming to fort bragg. the marlins will play a regular season game on post. check out this video from major league baseball showing the ballparks that will be built on post.
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tisha: butterball donated the food and it was courtesy of governor pat mccrory as part of his super bowl wager with colorado governor. an suv ended up on top of a grocery store roof. no one has ever seen a car land on the roof. the store manager closed briefly because he was worried about a ghastly. the driver was not hurt. anchor: we begin with this incredible video. this is a plane dropping out of the sky on long island over the weekend. the emergency parachute deployed and helped glide in there. a surveillance camera caught it and believe it or not the dad and daughter are doing fine.
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the car is on fire. a cheaper happen to be behind the car when he saw a catch fire. two women got out on their own in the tapered job -- dropped in. all four were treated for smoke inhalation but fortunately they are doing well tonight. police releasing body cam video of this dramatic water rescue. the officer climbed over the guardrail and then lands on the rock below. he walks through the water to get closer to the car. he tosses a rope to another officer and firefighters. everyone is working together to force open the door and then get the driver out. they used a rescue basket and pulley system to hoist the driver out of that situation. the driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries but is expected to recover. here is a break from the intense
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that kid dives onto her train and hitches a ride. we can watch it over and over. that is something to be jumped on. a memorable wedding. a great day today. chris: upper 70's. not a record. it is nice weather for sure. evening has been very pleasant. they will continue to fall as we go through the rest of the overnight hours. 50-55 then by sunrise low 50's. look out fast temperatures take off again. close to 70. high temperatures 78.
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well above the average of 61 or 62. everybody within that range. the warmth all the way out to detroit. minneapolis, a record high. for us back here at home, the q1. the airport cooler. 56. humidity at 72%. durham 57. 57 at roseville. 46 at south hill, virginia. low and mid 50's. smithfield at 52.
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the threat of severe weather tomorrow is the louisiana into east texas. the biggest threat is going to be heavy rain for several days. it is just getting started. over 10 inches of rain could fall between now and thursday into friday but obviously any amount over 4-5 inches will cause serious problems. we will just get a piece of that potentially by the end of the weekend. 50 four overnight lows. very nice start to your wednesday with a lot of sunshine . up to 64. it could be a pattern to of fog but overall it should be a nice ride into work or school.
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coast. it creates heat wave conditions. to butchers to the 90's to near 100. temperatures to near 80. a few more clouds around into thursday. high 75 to 80 tomorrow and again thursday. that moisture is back to the west and will stay there until saturday, maybe sunday. the shot looks to be sunday but even that may not be a big deal. mid-upper 70's. a light southwest winds. average high at 61. your first alert forecast, 79. a few clouds around. very nice. cloud cover, mid-70's. could be a sprinkle. it looks good for the st. patrick's day parade.
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i don't want you to get the impression it will be too wet. we are going to work on that. tisha: a new way to watch
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by a whale watching boat. you can see view whale trying to unravel the road. eventually the line breaks. he gets out of the water and shows everyone he is free. steve: movie extras are wanted for the remake of dirty dancing filming in the western part of the state. if you have an old car producers are looking for you. the movie will be filmed in the spring and when -- and will employee 900 extras. the company is searching for cars from 1915 to 1975. tisha: you may be able to watch an nfl game on facebook. it is in the next to live stream games later this year.
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other leaders have said to be interested in the package. steve: that is the name of the game. reaching people where they are on the go. joe is with us now. we are looking at the blue devils. anchor: we should move the tournament. how the wolfpack dance by and a thriller to start. plus highlights. in the panthers with charles johnson. he will make $3 million. half of what he was being
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>> abc 11 eyewitness news sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. anchor: it took no time to find his postseason sea legs. he knocked down some big threes this afternoon. pick things up in the second half. he had 24 points. down by one.
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then role in, up by 3. another three to put the state up by 3 again. n.c. state when 75-72. mark armstrong wraps up day 1. >> maverick well when should be playing basketball. that made all the difference today. 16 lead changes and 15 times. >> if you come to this situation you better make them. it's a great feeling. >> we will set him up. he was unconscious today.
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>> b.j. cap the rampage with the boost lead to five. >> i need to do something. >> he is a man of few words, very few. >> i would say you are right a little bit. >> he is a confident young guy. you like that. >> onto to do they will take the third swing at the devils. >> preparation is different. we know they are going to hurt us. i just work on canceling those things out. >> from the acc tournament, mark armstrong, eyewitness news.
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duke and state. close to 2:30. florida state is also a winner, advancing. the first season came against howard. tonight they meet again under a minute to play. dante holmes gets fouled. he misses the free throw. it is still a three-point lead for central. james daniels with central up by 1. it's no good by howard. central escapes with a narrow win. the hurricanes are giving up on
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they were shorthanded but jake cannot be stopped. ottawa when up again. .0 2. that is your equalizer tied at three. cam ward comes up to deny the last shooter. it is a 4-3 shootout win. steve: a great win at home tonight. now they are on the road. thank you.
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steve: t the moment they go sailing into croc-infested waters. a guy at a feminist rally faces one angry woman. >> she doesn't care he supports the cause. >> the crazy twist that leaves the crowd floored. a driver finds something slithery under the hood. >> so he grabs it by the head. >> see the snake that keeps going and going and going. and -- a couple's first dance is a show-stopper. but you ain't seen nothing yet. how a groom with a whole lot of guts manages to upstage the bride. >> oh! it's always a good day when you can get out there with your
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pretty rugged, pretty wild. it's that first trip out to go fishing. >> does it scare the fish with the motor? hey, there could be crocodiles in there. >> they just basically hit the brakes. the guy operating the engine trying to get back there to shut it down. >> why did they stop so suddenly, though? >> i'll get to that in a second. you're going to be surprised. they are not in deep water. they are able to stand up and begin gathering their stuff. but you can see them quickly trying to get back in the boat. >> yeah, because there are probably things in the water you don't want to encounter or get too close to. >> yeah, crocodiles, crocodiles. >> yeah, up festinfested with crocodiles. the guys do tell us the place was infested with the crocodiles. the boat that was ahead of them turns back and comes back to help them out.
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a wake and the wake was magnified by a sandbar beneath the water. that basically is what they ran into. thankfully, they were able to recover their gear and even get that boat engine working again after all of this. >> so nobody got bit? >> nobody got bit. don't know how successful their fishing trip was. but i have to say, whether you caught anything or not, you got a heck of a story to tell. >> just go to the fish market. i'm about to take you guys to the scene of a rally. as we know, sometimes rallies can get way out of control. >> have you heard about the tadpole tadpole? we have to be sponges. >> i've been reading about this. this is stupid. >> a woman in england is up on the podium and said, we've had enough.
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>> power to the women! no more violence against women! >> he was a supporter. >> power to the women! no more violence against women! >> the ladies are kind of uneasy about him approaching them. >> it's not like we get a lot of sympathy. >> his behavior is not really coinco insigning with what he's saying. >> look at the woman with the red purse. she wants him out of his space and she's going to remove him by any means necessary. >> what the hell are you doing? >> she slaps him across the face, grabs his eye -- >> that's ridiculous. >> he fights back with expletives. women power? i'm going to show you women power. these ladies are having none of it. >> we are making a movie. >> it's a joke.


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